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Internet of Things (IoT)
Build Your IoT Projects With Our Connectivity Options That Suit Your Business

Embedded and Full Range of Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to Transform Your Digital Business

Unlock Your Business Efficiencies with Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to take huge leaps in the coming years. This will bridge physical and digital worlds that would open up new revenue streams, facilitate new business models, drive efficiencies and improve the way existing services across many different sectors. At SantsInfo, we enable businesses to gain efficiency, harness intelligence from a wide range of equipment, improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Services, Improve Your Products, Improve Your Selling Approach

Gain Insights from Connected Devices at the Intelligent Edge

Innovation today starts with software. At Santsinfo, we design an overall network solution that meets the specific application requirements. Increase production uptime and reduce operational risks. The Internet of Things for industries enables you to collect and analyse data from connected assets, people and places to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment. Our IoT service transforms the way that you do business. 

Our Internet approach - Tackling a full-scale IoT project can feel risky. Focused on speed, efficiency, and scalability, our multi-disciplinary product teams bring elite technical skills, deep product experience, and clear communication to every engagement.

IoT Security - The connected ecosystem brings with it diverse sets of devices, capabilities and network protocols posing complex operational and security challenges. Santsinfo’s IoT Security solutions blend modern identity management and encryption technologies to help you build connected systems with trust at their roots. We help address data, infrastructure and identity security across environments

Reduce technology risks with our comprehensive IoT expertise

Reduce technology risks with our comprehensive IoT expertise

Best in class IoT solutions that enable your devices and platforms to seamlessly interact with each other
Gain Insights from Connected Devices at the Intelligent Edge
and devices through their lifecycle?.

Sensors, devices and gateways -Complete product engineering services for full spectrum of IoT devices – from constrained end nodes to multi-service gateways.

Cloud backend and analytics - Complete infrastructure services including connectivity, cloud deployments, device management, data management and analytics.

Applications and mobility - Service enablement and application development including mobile applications with UX design.

Internet of Things is here to boost your enterprise productivity, deliver exceptional customer experience, transform service quality, generate new revenue streams, manifest cost-effectiveness, and more.

Our Internet enabled services allow advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications leading to deeper customer insights, smart asset monitoring, automation, frictionless payments, account management, fraud detection, and proactive customer service.

IoT enables companies to automate processes and reduce labor costs. It also cuts down on waste and improves service delivery, making it less expensive to manufacture and deliver goods, as well as offering transparency into customer transactions.